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Benefits & Services

Our understanding of a detailed review of all historic capital expenditure allows us to provide our clients with a professional and committed service that delivers real benefits.

Our ethos ensures the client obtains:

Complete confidence that all aspects of Capital Allowances are examined taking into account the latest, up to date legislation
Our streamlined, efficient processes which keep time and complications to a minimum for both client and advisor, Accountant or Solicitor
The Maximum Capital Allowances available with the consequent Maximum tax savings

We achieve this by:

Being familiar with the historic and latest tax legislation affecting Capital Allowances, including the relevant Tax Cases and HM Revenue & Customs guidance
Our delivery team includes Chartered Surveyors, accountants and ex-Tax Inspectors experienced in evaluating and compiling claims
Providing the client with a responsive, bespoke service sensitive to all his/her needs and their current and future requirements
The completed Report contains a detailed analysis of potential claims, views on areas of uncertainty and a readily understandable Executive Summary
Our commitment that Capital Allowances identified at less than £25,000 will result in a NO FEE outcome. This makes for a cost effective, value for money incentive with no downside for clients.

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